Clowne Infant & Nursery School

‘We take our children on a journey of discovery, giving them aspirations and engaging them in lifelong learning’


Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Susie Kirby - Headteacher DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Carolyn Galley - Deputy Headteacher  DSL (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mr Paul Hallam - Business Manager

Mrs Laura Barnett - Nursery Team Leader/SENDCO, GDPR,  DSL (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Teaching and Support Staff:



Mrs Laura Barnett - Nursery Team Leader

Mrs Charlotte Horvath - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Katie Sherlock - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Claire Bexton - Teaching Assistant

Miss Stacey Kelly - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Julie Burrell - Teaching Assistant

Miss Helen Gillgrass - Teaching Assistant

Miss Hannah Jenkinson - Teaching Assistant

Miss Sophie Coates - Teaching Assistant - SEND



Mrs Nicola Staley-Rhodes - Reception Team Leader

Ms Lauren Wilson - Reception Teacher

Miss Olivia Higgins - Reception Teacher

Mrs Caroline Eden - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wendy Howarth - HLTA/Teaching Assistant

Mrs Avril Newton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Wood - HLTA/Teaching Assistant

Mrs Phoebe Towner -Teaching Assistant - SEND 

Mrs Lynne Kelly - Teaching Assistant - SEND

Mrs Judith Campbell - Teaching Assistant - Pupil Premium Support

Miss Charlotte Deakin - Teaching Assistant - SEND

Mrs Dawn Kemp - Teaching Assistant - SEND


Year 1:

Mrs Laura Sellars - Year 1 Team Leader

Miss Chloe Alsop - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Katy Burgon - Year 1 Teacher

Miss Andrea Mason - HLTA/Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Sharron Collier - Teaching Assistant

Miss Tika Mellors - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Amy Hill - Teaching Assistant/Pupil Premium

Mrs Rachel Metterick Teaching Assistant - SEND 

Mrs Lucy Siddall - Teaching Assistant - SEND


Year 2:

Mrs Carolyn Galley - Year 2 Team Leader

Mrs Emma Godfrey - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Emma Witten - Year 2 Teacher

Miss Hannah Slack Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Clarke - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Christie Clixby - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sherridon Wallis-Newton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ashleigh Morley - SEND 

Miss Alison Cooling - Teaching Assistant - SEND

Mrs Julie Stead - Teaching Assistant - Pupil Premium Support

Mrs Sophie Lawes - Teaching Assistant - Pupil Premium Support


Mrs Nicola Cross - Family Support Worker (DSL - across Infants and Juniors)


Mrs Sarah Presley-Powell - Business Assistant

Mrs Natalie Hayes  - Business Assistant



Mid-Day Meals Supervisors


Mrs Lisa Bennett - Senior Mid Day Meals Supervisor


Mrs Anna Bantom - M.D.M.S

Mr Alex Howarth - M.D.M.S

Mrs Annette Smith - M.D.M.S

Mrs Debbie Leadbeater - M.D.M.S

Mrs Leanne Bradshaw - M.D.M.S

Mrs Marie Lowe - M.D.M.S

Mrs Kim Wharmby - M.D.M.S

Mrs Sheryl Cook - M.D.M.S

Mrs Mandy Stuart - M.D.M.S

Mrs Stacey Mealing - M.D.M.S




Mr Ivan Wragg  - Caretaker

Mrs Lisa Bennett - Cleaner in Charge


Mrs Kay McGregor - Cleaner

Mrs Jenny Beaumont - Cleaner

Mrs Sheryl Cook - Cleaner

Mrs Wendy Peake - Cleaner