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Art and Design

Art and Design

'Every child is an artist....' 

                             Pablo Picasso

Intent: What are we trying to achieve?

Art and design provides pupils with the opportunity to develop independence, to express their creativity, thoughts, feelings and ideas and to work collaboratively. Language and vocabulary development are valued within. We believe that art and design should be language rich, it should provoke discussion and children should be exposed to new and accurate vocabulary. High quality art and design will make use of high quality resources to engage, inspire and challenge all pupils – including those with special educational needs. It will equip them with the confidence, knowledge and skills required to experiment, problem solve, reason and progress their technical ability. Children will know that art is a creative process which is unique to each individual. They will show respect and value to the ideas, opinion and artwork of both themselves and others,


Implementation: How will we achieve this?

The teaching of art and design at Clowne Infant and Nursery School is based upon the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, Development Matters 2020 and the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1. To ensure a clear structure for the teaching of art and design across school, progression documents for both knowledge and skills are in place. These documents ensure that children are given the opportunity to draw upon previously acquired knowledge, understanding and skills, whilst systematically building upon them – all at a level appropriate for the individual. We have high aspirations for all children, including those with SEND and make use of adult support or specific equipment as needed to ensure all children achieve.

Art and design is taught as part of topic based learning and during lessons children gain knowledge and skills of drawing, colour, print, pattern, painting, texture and form. We immerse children in high quality texts throughout all subjects and art and design is no exception – we use key texts to support and enrich teaching and learning. Children explore the work of famous artists, learning about their place in history and share their own thoughts and feelings on their work. Children are encouraged to think critically, draw upon previously acquired knowledge and take inspiration from ‘the greats’. In addition to adult led teaching activities, children in the EYFS have access to art and design as part of their continuous or enhanced provision, where teachers and TA’s work with them on child initiated activities. In KS1 each topic ends with a project which is displayed in a school based gallery – encouraging children to compare and contrast, work for a purpose, gain pride and truly believe they are artists. 

Formative assessment takes place throughout lessons and is used to inform the next step in planning.

Impact: What difference will this make?

Through delivering our Art and Design Curriculum, we will ensure that: 


  • Children are able to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Children value the work of themselves and others and understand that everyone is an artist.
  • Children have knowledge of famous artists and can talk about their work, taking inspiration from it to develop their own ideas. 
  • Children have the confidence and technical skill base to apply the knowledge they hold.
  • Children have a sense of pride when sharing their work to a wider audience e.g. parents, the community etc.

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