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At Clowne Infant and Nursery School, Geography is an integral part of our Curriculum. 


Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Through the teaching of Geography we believe children will learn to become more observant of their immediate environment and also curious about the wider world. We hope they will learn to value the resources of the world and care about the impact they have in it, thinking about global issues such as climate change, plastic waste and recycling for future generations.

Geography Intent
One topic in Reception is called "What would we find on Safari?" Here the children study amongst other things the Maasai Mara Tribe of Kenya in Africa. They compare African dwellings and communities to their own. The children learn about African animals and use their knowledge in PE (how animals move), art (paintings and drawings) IT (Beebot -moving on the grid from one animal to another), Literacy (writing facts about different animals). Children make necklaces and enjoy moving to African music. They are encouraged to make up stories in the safari small world area.
Year 1

In Year 1 one of our topics is called "How Incredible is India?". We learn how to find India on maps, globes and Google Earth and find out exciting facts about this fascinating country. We study similarities and differences between New Delhi and London and record and use data related to weather patterns to compare. 

This topic has links with RE (Muslim faith), IT (Google Earth), PE (Bhangra dancing) Science (simple observations) Art (Rangoli and Mehndi patterns)

Year 2
In Year 2 children learn to name and locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. They also look at different climate zones.

One of the topics in Year 2 is called "Where is Kenya and what is it like there?"

In this topic children children learn to use atlases and globes and use Google Earth to locate the seven continents and 5 oceans, including the continent Africa and country Kenya. They will compare the Kenyan capital city Nairobi to our capital city London, discussing differences and similarities in human and physical features.