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Design & Technology

Design and Technology

‘’Knowing is NOT the most important thing. To be able to FIND OUT is more important than knowing.’’

Sugata Mitra

Intent: What are we trying to achieve?

Design Technology provides pupils with the opportunity to develop specific technical skills and knowledge, whilst encouraging problem solving, reasoning, collaborative working, physical development, mathematical and communication and language skills. We believe that high quality design technology teaching encourages children to explore real life products, to find out for themselves and draw conclusions through experience before being taught specific skills that they can then use as part of the plan, do, review model whilst completing meaningful projects for a purpose. We want children to have the confidence to learn through trial and error, to keep trying when something isn’t working and know that it is always ok to try a different approach.

Implementation: How will we achieve this?

The teaching of design technology at Clowne Infant and Nursery School is based upon the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, Development Matters 2020 and the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1. In KS1, teachers use ‘projects on a page’ from the DT Association to support their planning and teaching of projects.  To ensure a clear structure for the teaching of design technology across school, progression documents for both knowledge and skills are in place. These documents ensure that children are given the opportunity to draw upon previously acquired knowledge, understanding and skills, whilst systematically building upon them – all at a level appropriate for the individual child. We have high aspirations for all children, including those with SEND and make use of adult support or specific equipment as needed to ensure all children achieve.

Design technology is taught as part of topic based learning and links closely with art and design. Throughout their time with us, children gain skills and knowledge within the areas of food, freestanding structures, mechanisms and textiles. Children are encouraged to think critically, draw upon previously acquired knowledge and take inspiration from real life products. In addition to adult led teaching activities, children in the EYFS have access to design technology as part of their continuous or enhanced provision, where teachers and TA’s work with them on child initiated activities.

Formative assessment takes place throughout lessons and is used to inform the next step in planning.

Impact: What difference will this make?

Through delivering our Design Technology we will ensure that: 


  • Children are able to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Children value the ideas and work of themselves and others and understand that everyone thinks differently.
  • Children are able to explore, design, make, draw conclusions, adapt and evaluate.  
  • Children have the confidence and technical skill base to apply the knowledge they hold.
  • Children have a sense of pride when sharing their work to a wider audience e.g. parents, the community etc.

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