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Internet Safety and E-Safety


Internet Safety and E-safety


We place great emphasis on understanding the safe use of the internet with our staff and children. However, as we all recognise, the internet holds many pitfalls for all children that, should they see something inappropriate, they need to learn how to safely navigate away from this and report it to an adult. At Clowne Infant and Nursery School, we are dedicated to keeping our children as safe as possible by giving them the right skills and knowledge to make safe choices. We regularly teach through the curriculum, how and what they should do in specific circumstances.


Home Internet


Specifically for you as parents we have listed the link below which sets out how to set parental controls on internet access. Although these controls are not perfect they will certainly help! You will also find links here to advice on YouTube and Google safesearch.


The link below will take you to information on how to make Game Consoles and Handhelds such as ipads safer for your children too.


We would strongly recommend that you consider taking control of what your child can access via the internet but also taking the time to discuss with them why.