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The Governing Board reconstituted September 2015.

The post of parent governor is very important, since he or she represents the parents on the governing body.  Any parent of a child attending the school can become a parent governor by being elected to the post.  All parents of children attending the school can vote.  The election takes place every four years or upon the resignation of a parent governor.


Staff Governors

Mrs Susie Kirby (Headteacher)

Mrs Carolyn Galley (Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Paul Hallam (Advisory capacity only)


Parent Governors

Mr Richard Hall (Chair of the Finance & Resources Committee)

Mr Ben Wild


LA Governor(s) 

Mrs Kimberley Wood (Vice Chair of the Finance & Resources Committee and the Full Governing Board)


Co-opted Governors

Mr Peter Dolby  (Chair of the Full Governing Board)

Mrs Erica Bellamy (Vice Chair of the Full Governing Board)                      

Mrs Sarah Presley-Powell

Mr Adam Bird

Mrs Andrea Alders

Mrs Carly Drury


Clerk to The Governors

Mrs Mel Fisher   


Appointing Bodies


Headteacher - By virtue of their position

Staff - Elected by school staff

Parent - Elected by parents

Authority - Nominated by the local authority, appointed by the GB

Co-Opted - Appointed by the governing board

Associate Member - Appointed by the governing board


For more information or details about our Governing Board please call into the school office or contact us on 01246 810518


For information of roles and responsibilities of the Governing Board please CLICK the link below:

Governors are attached to a class in school. They pop in regularly to see their class, attend their plays and special events. Governors are also attached to key areas and subjects within school.


Class 1 - Mrs Carly Drury - DT, deputy safeguarding governor

Class 2 - Mr Richard Hall - Pupil Premium, Deputy GDPR, History, Maths

Class 3 - Mr Adam Bird - Computing

Class 4 - Mr Richard Hall - Pupil Premium, Deputy GDPR, History, Maths

Class 5 - Mrs Sarah Presley-Powell - RE

Class 6 - Mr Pete Dolby - GDPR, English (phonics, reading and writing)

Class 7 - Mrs Kim Wood - PE

Class 8 - Mrs Andrea Alder - Science

Class 9 - Mr Ben Wild - Geography

Nursery - Mrs Erica Bellamy - SEND, Safeguarding, PSHE/SMSC, Well-being & Mental Health

Full Governors Meeting Dates


12th September 2023

Full Governing Board

7th November 2023

Full Governing Board

6th February 2024

Full Governing Board

23rd April 2024

Full Governing Board

9th July 2024

Full Governing Board


Governors Attendance 2022 - 2023

Governors Attendance 2021 - 2022

Governors Attendance 2020 - 2021

Governor Attendance 2019-2020