Clowne Infant & Nursery School

‘We take our children on a journey of discovery, giving them aspirations and engaging them in lifelong learning’




At Clowne Infant and Nursery School, P.E is an integral part of our curriculum and school life. We encourage and promote physical activity throughout our everyday school life. We do this by doing:- 

- High quality PE lessons

- Daily 'Wake and Shake' sessions 

-  Our 'daily mile' run

- Play leaders providing physical activities during lunchtimes

- More active curriculum lesson.

- Yoga sessions


Twinkl Move Scheme of work

At Clowne Infant and Nursery School, we use the Twinkl Move scheme of work to teach Physical Education. Twinkl Move offers a coherently planned sequence of lessons to help teachers ensure they have progressively covered the requirements of the PE National Curriculum. The scheme of work ensures that children have a varied and well mapped out PE curriculum. It provides the opportunity for progression across the full breadth of the PE National Curriculum for KS1 for both indoor and outdoor PE. In KS1, the focus of the PE curriculum is on the development of the fundamental skills that will be built upon in KS2 when they are applied in specific sports. At Twinkl Move, it is the intention to develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and PE in all young people. The aim is to help ensure a positive and healthy physical and mental outlook in the future and help young people to develop essential skills like leadership and teamwork. Within each lesson, it strives to give every child the opportunity to develop skills in PE, consider the impact on their health and fitness, compete/perform and evaluate.

Take a look at our children taking part in a range of physical activities and PE lessons

Keeping Active 

Throughout the school day we like to keep active by doing 'wake and shake', active lessons, our daily run and dough disco.

Sports Day 2021

We had great fun doing sports day this year. We competed against other children in our year group doing different races. We did races such as running race, egg and spoon race and a sack race.

Jungle breakout challenge 


In the summer, Bolsover School Sport Partnership came into school and set up different challenges for the children to complete. The aim of the different challenges were for the children to work as a team to complete them. They have to follow a trail blindfolded, cross a river, complete a agility course to collect different food and to fill a tube  (with holes) with water to retrieve a key.  All the children worked well together and had great fun!  Check out the photos below.