Clowne Infant & Nursery School

‘We take our children on a journey of discovery, giving them aspirations and engaging them in lifelong learning’



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Nursery Statement

Clowne Nursery provides a stimulating, HAPPY learning environment where children' have fun, feel safe and are eager to return the next day.

Our Nursery inspires children' to take control of their own learning, encouraging independence in selecting their own activities and tidying away after themselves.

We tailor childrens' learning experiences to their individual interests and interact with them in order to move their learning forward, taking them on an imaginative, or critical learning journey, motivating their thirst for learning.

Above all, we want your/our children' to be HAPPY and 'switched on' for learning, setting the foundation of a positive attitude toward education. 

Here are some of the friendly adults you will see in our Nursery.

Five members of our staff are key workers for the children. They provide extra, targeted support for children on their learning journey. 
All members of staff interact daily with children, taking them on a journey of discovery and all staff are 100% approachable and happy to help.


Children can begin their Nursery learning journey with us the term after their 3rd birthday.  

We offer:

5 x morning sessions 

8.45am - 11.45am


5 x Afternoon sessions 

12.30pm - 3.30pm


Full time sessions 

8.45am - 3.30pm


 Admissions Policy


 Admission form

What can I do to help my child prepare for Nursery?




Guide to potty training (ERIC)



Here you will find a document that will give detail about how you can help children at the different stages of their learning.
Take a look at the 22-36 month band but remember, all children are unique and develop at different rates and in different ways depending on their interests and experiences. This is not meant to be a checklist, simply a guide.  


Government approved fun apps for children
birth - 5years  





What does our Nursery look like? Here is a virtual tour.

Still image for this video
The present Covid-19 situation has meant that prospective new parents and children are unable to visit our premises at the moment and so here is a quick tour of our huge Nursery areas.

How do we plan in Nursery?

Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS)
In Foundation 1 & 2 we plan and support the seven areas of learning outlined in the EYFS Framework. The three prime areas cover Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. The four specific areas cover Literacy and Mathematical Development, Understanding of The World and Expressive Arts and Design.


 Online Learning Journey

We use a fantastic online learning tool to support children’s’ learning journey both in school and out of school. The platform provides a very effective communication portal where learning from home and in school can be shared promptly and effectively. Tapestry has been an exceptional home school link during Covid-19 too. 
Tapestry is now also used throughout school in Foundation 2, Year 1 and Year 2. 



Our planning 

Every single child is unique, has different interests, has had different experiences and has begun to develop their own character. We believe a child’s happiness and a positive attitude toward school life is fundamental in order for them to thrive in their education. We use an approach called ‘In The Moment Planning’ whereby children’s current interests are used to amplify learning. 


 Daily timetable 
A typical day in Nursery will consist of individual exploration both indoors and outdoors, small group times to include: Letters and Sounds (Phase1), Literacy sessions, Story times, Mathematic sessions, Personal, Social and Emotional sessions, targeted intervention sessions. PE sessions (in our school hall) whereby children are encouraged to take off and put on their own shoes and socks/tights. Whole group singing times, a time where we all come together at the end of a Nursery session and enjoy singing and dancing. 
In Nursery we love to sing, dance and listen and respond to music and instruments. These creative opportunities are present every day within our Nursery, through whole group times, small group times, individual learning moments and individual exploration. 
Music interweaves through all areas of learning and development and provides children with the opportunity to develop independence, to express their creativity, thoughts, feelings and ideas and to work collaboratively. 
Music is key to the development of spoken language. Vocal communication is comprised of musical elements such as, pitch, rhythm and timbre, demonstrating  that musicality is an intrinsic part of being a human.