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‘We take our children on a journey of discovery, giving them aspirations and engaging them in lifelong learning’



  Welcome to our Nursery 

At Clowne Infant and Nursery School we put your children at the forefront of their learning. The timetable we follow in Nursery, the assessment we complete, and the Learning Journeys we create support your children to become more confident, independent and engaged in their learning.


In Nursery we plan for children using a mixture of In The Moment Planning and a topic based, play curriculum. 


What is ‘In the Moment’ planning?

A model that allows child initiated learning through play, based on capturing the interests of the children through personalised learning.  Teachers will take into consideration the children's interests to create meaningful, educational experiences through providing an enabling environment, using quality interactions and ‘teachable moments’.

What are ‘teachable moments'?

Teachable moments are about recognising that young children often learn in a more informal and creative way. Within this style of teaching, we are looking for opportunities to allow learning to take place through child initiated play alongside providing challenge and open ended questioning when needed.

What will we do?

We will provide an environment and opportunities that stimulate curiosity and challenge thinking.

We will observe, listen closely and join in with the children's play.

We will work alongside Parents to create environments that will spark the children's interest.

We will praise and reinforce positive learning experiences.

How do we record this learning?

We record ‘WOW’ moments on our online learning journal ‘Class Dojo’ and our 'WOW' displays within nursery. 


Further information regarding Class Dojo can be found at the following link -

If you would like more information regarding In The Moment Planning, please contact the class teacher. 

Long Term Plan and Curriculum Map 2023-2024

Maths Medium Term Plan and Progression Document 2023-2024

Phonics Long Term & Medium Term Plan 2023-2024

Class Dojo User Guide

Parent guide to the EYFS

Our nursery session times are;

Morning nursery - 8.45am until 11.45am

Afternoon nursery - 12.30pm until 3.00/3.30pm

Full day - 8.45am until 3.00/3.30pm

We provide 15 hours per week funded entitlement for nursery children. The sessions run for 3 hours and children will receive their 15 hours entitlement by attending either 5 morning or 5 afternoon sessions. 


30 hour funding offer

We are able to offer 30 hours funded education. This is broken down into the 15 hours education that all 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for, and an additional 15 hours that are funded by the Government for Parents who meet the criteria. For more information regarding this please visit


Please see the Admissions Policy for further information. 


If you would like to apply for a nursery place, please contact the school office on 01246 810518 or via email


Other Information


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Oral Health


With the EYFS curriculum, comes an emphasis on oral health. It is important that good oral health habits begin at an early age - most tooth decay is preventable, however research has shown that nearly a quarter of 5 year olds in England have tooth decay, with 3-4 teeth affected on average. We will teach and promote the importance of good oral hygiene throughout the school year through the use of stories, practical activities, a visit from the dentist, information for parents and reward charts. Please see the links below for further advice and information.


Children's teeth - NHS (

Find a dentist - NHS (


Click here to visit our Nursery page which shows what we have been doing in each of our topics this year.