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How do we teach spellings?


We teach spellings during our daily Twinkl phonics lessons in which children are taught to orally segment words into sounds (phonemes) in a set order and taught to write these sounds (graphemes) too.  We also teach children to spell some common exception words during some of the phonics lessons too. Each week's Twinkl phonics lessons has a different phoneme/s focus or spelling and grammar pattern to focus on.   

Why do we teach spellings in this way? 


We want our children to be able to apply their phonics, spelling patterns and common exceptions words practiced in phonics lessons, when they are engaged in writing.  We encourage children to segment words into sounds for writing themselves whilst writing and provide the opportunity to recall some common exception words taught too. Of course there are also lots of reminders of graphemes for the phonemes learnt on display in classrooms and on word banks to help support the children when writing and recalling these spelling patterns and common exception words to reinforce them again if and when needed.