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Special Education Needs and Disabilities



Mrs Laura Barnett

Contact; 01246 810518



SEN Link Govenor

Mrs Erica Bellamy

Contact details as above 


SEND Information Report 23-24

Derbyshire Sensory Processing Toolkit

SEND Inclusion Award (SENDIA)


What is SENDIA?

The award helps schools deliver high-quality education for pupils with SEND. Compliant with the SEND Code of Practice, the award framework focuses on removing barriers to learning through early identification, inclusive teaching and leadership. It also allows schools to evaluate impact to improve classroom practice and pupil outcomes.


What will it include?

  • Create a working group that will be made up of representatives from all groups with an interest in SEND education. (Staff, students, and governors). Regular updates regarding progress.
  • Self-Evaluation of the school centred on characteristics of the school, Ofsted rating and Pupil/Parent/Staff Voice.
  • Creating an Action Plan with a comprehensive evidence portfolio to demonstrate our compliance with the Key Performance Indicators and Objectives.
  • Visit from an assessor to verify that the objectives have successfully been met.

How will it help?

The award will help us to develop high quality SEND provision throughout the school by:

  • Promoting awareness of SEND issues and inclusion for all stakeholders of Clowne Infant and Nursery School
  • Promoting awareness to all students, including those not on the SEND register.
  • Evaluating and improving classroom practices and interventions
  • Developing a clear and inclusive support system focusing on improving student outcomes.


Successful completion of the award will enable schools to:

  • Gain recognition for high-quality education and care for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Demonstrate to all stakeholders that the school provision complies with current legislation and the SEND Code of Practice, and is effective in achieving good outcomes for all pupils.


 If you would like any further information, please contact the SENDCO at:


Objectives of the SENDIA

  • 1. The school demonstrates a commitment to achieving and maintaining the SEND Inclusion Award, including informing relevant stakeholders.
  • 2. The school’s SEND policy and practice is compliant with legislation and DfE guidance and promotes and inclusive ethos.
  • 3. There is a strong and effective leadership and management of SEND provision.
  • 4. Everyday teaching for pupils with SEND is good or better.
  • 5. There is an effective system for identifying pupils’ special educational needs.
  • 6.  Pupils are actively involved in decision-making about, and the delivery of, their own SEND provision/ support.
  • 7.  Parents are actively involved in decision-making about, the delivery of, their child’s SEND provision/ support.
  • 8. The school is committed to providing high quality, ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) on SEND.


We will provide further updates for the SENDIA throughout the year as we near completion and verification.