Clowne Infant & Nursery School

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Year 2

                           Welcome to Class 3

We are Class 3

The teacher in Class 3 is Mrs Galley

The HLTA in Class 3 is Mrs Clixby

Class 3 PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Children will need a PE kit in school, stored in the PE draws outside the classroom, containing a white T-shirt, black shorts and PE pumps.


Our first topic this year was:

How Do We Keep Ourselves Alive and Kicking?


We will be finding out about the different stages in the human lifecycle and what happens at each of the stages. We will also look at the lifecycle of a butterfly.


Find out more about lifecycles here


We will be finding out about different food groups, healthy eating and a balanced diet.



We will be  learning all about an amazing woman called Mary Seacole. She lived nearly 200 years ago and helped soldiers in the Crimean War. She was a brave and determined woman who overcame prejudice to build her own hospital and help many soldiers.

We will be watching video clips about her life and discussing the issues she faced during her life as well the amazing work she carried out.


   This is Mary Seacole.


Click on the link below to watch the videos of Mary Seacole's life.



This term we will looking at the South African style of music and will be learning a song called Hands, Feet, Heart.

We we learn how to play the  glockenspiel and read some musical notes.

We made a friendship potion and wrote some instructions.

Topic 2: How Do We know About The Great Fire of London

In our second topic we will be finding out all about the Great Fire of London. How the fire started, how they tried to stop the fire and how Samuel Pepys and his diary helped us to know all about what happened during the fire.


Samuel Pepys was born a very long time ago in 1663. He lived in very interesting times and wrote all about was happening in a diary. As well as The Great Fire of London, he wrote about The Plague and the Coronation of Charles II.

Click on the picture to watch a video about Samuel Pepys.



Click on the picture above to watch a video song about The Great Fire of London.

Have you ever wondered what it was like in London in 1666 at the time of the fire? Click on the picture below to find out with a virtual tour of London at the time of the fire.