Clowne Infant & Nursery School

‘We take our children on a journey of discovery, giving them aspirations and engaging them in lifelong learning’



Welcome to Reception

Class 7 - Mrs Burgon, Mrs Newton, 

Class 8 - Mrs Staley-Rhodes,

Mrs Wood, Mrs Laws

Class 9 - Miss Higgins, Mrs Eden, Mrs Howarth 

Learning in Reception is play based. Children will engage in a variety of different adult led, child initiated or adult initiated activities each day. For some parts of the day children will work together in the classrooms in small groups with adults, whilst at other parts of the day they will freely explore the carefully planned play environment.


Welcome to your very first year in 'big school' - we have so many exciting things planned! 

What are we learning this year?

Term 6 - Where in the world?


This term, we further build upon our understanding of the world and begin to draw comparisons between the place where we live and other places around the world. We will find out about and discuss traditions, clothing, landscapes, homes, the weather and animals. As the season changes to summer we will revisit the sensory garden to explore changes in the natural world around us.

Term 5 - What is it like to live here?


Our main focus in term 5 was upon the place where we live. We took a walk around the local area; looking at buildings, nature, transport and places of interest. We explored simple maps and begin to compare Clowne to other parts of the country such as London as we celebrated the coronation of King Charles the Third. We continued to explore the natural world around us and studied the artwork of Frida Kahlo.  



Look at some of the things we have done this term....

Term 4 - I wonder what's changed?

In term 4 we focused upon changes over time – we looked at how transport in Britain has changed over the years, how houses and homes have changed, how we have changed since being born, how the seasons have changed since we started our time in Reception and the life cycle of a butterfly? We created our own timelines in class to help us understand and use the vocabulary of past, present and future.



Term 3 - What happened once upon a time?


This term we focus upon the season of winter, before moving on to traditional tales. We will draw story maps to help us sequence key events, talk about and describe characters, discuss story settings and use repeated refrains to retell and adapt these stories as we become familiar with them. We will explore texture and make informed decisions to make artwork, puppets and masks. We also begin our yoga classes this term and can’t wait to learn new techniques to keep our minds and bodies happy and healthy. Please see the documents below for further information. 

Term 2 - What are those lights in the sky?


In term 2 we enjoyed learning all about and taking part in a variety of different celebrations and were super stars in our Christmas sing and sign Nativity. Further information can be found in the documents and photographs below....

Term 1 - What makes me special?


This term we will learn all about ourselves and each other - what do we look like? How have we grown and changed since being a baby? How can we look after our teeth? How are we the same or different to others? 


Wow, what an amazing year we have had..... look below for just some of the highlights! We are so proud of everything the children have achieved - have a lovely summer!

Thank you to everyone who attended our phonics workshop - the presentation can be found below;

Term 6

We can't believe we are in our final term in Reception! This year has gone by so quickly. This term we ask the question 'Where in the world is Paddington Bear?'  We will be learning about different places around the world with Paddington Bear and comparing them to where we live. We will also be looking at and learning about the different animals that live in different places around the world. This term it is also 'healthy eating week' where the children will be learning all about keeping and eating healthily. Further information can be found in the documents below.......

Look at some of our provision and activities this term....

Term 5


Wow, we can't believe we are starting the summer term already - it seems like only yesterday that we were meeting each other for the first time. This term we ask the question 'what would we see if we sailed the sea?' We will work collaboratively to design and make boats and rafts using the large construction, engage with non-fiction texts to learn about different sea creatures, refine some of our artistic skills to create sea life pictures and study the work of Henri Matisse. We have some very wriggly creatures with us at the moment as we observe the butterfly life cycle! Further information can be found in the document below....

Term 4


We visited Fairy Tale Land and met characters good and bad as we listened to and retold traditional tales. We had a fantastic time dressing up with our friends and taking on different roles and have spent lots of time outside making potions in the water and mud kitchens. We went to the sensory garden to identify spring changes and enjoyed drawing what we could see. 


Please see the documents below for further information;

Here's a look at just some of the things we got up to in Term 4....

Term 3!


A very special visitor arrived with us in school..... Paddington Bear! We asked the question 'Where oh where is Paddington Bear and how did he get there?' Through a variety of play based activities we joined Paddington as he explored the local environment and then compared this to other places such as the seaside and London. We introduced the children to simple maps and used them to identify key features of different places. We looked at different modes of transport and found out how some of this transport has changed over time. Paddington even taught us how to make our own marmalade sandwiches!

Please see the documents below for further information..

Term 2! 

We had such a fun term in the lead up to Christmas and we were amazing in our Nativity performance! We encouraged awe and wonder by asking the question 'what are those light's in the sky?' Through a range of play based activities we explored celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas. 


Please see the documents below for further information.

Take a look at some of our provision enhancements and work this term....

Term 1
In our first term together we asked the key questions:

'What makes me special?' and 'What's happening to the leaves on the trees?'


Through play and a range of speaking and listening activities, we got to know each other, explored our new environment and learnt some of the rules we must follow to fill our class kindness buckets. We explored how we have changed since being babies, talked about our bodies and learnt how to draw ourselves, found out about the importance of good oral health and how we can look after our teeth. We read ‘The Colour Monster’ and set up our own feelings charts in our classrooms, we spoke about our family and listened as our friends told us about theirs, explored autumn changes and the celebrations of Harvest and Halloween. It has been such a busy but exciting term and we are settling so well into school life! 

A parents overview for Term 1 can be found below....

Take a look at some of our provision enhancements and the work we have been doing this term....