Clowne Infant & Nursery School

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Class 2 Mrs Handley

                                              Welcome to Class 2

 Mrs Handley & Mrs Clarke 



Our topic in autumn term 1 is: 


How do we keep ourselves alive and kicking? 

Our topic in autumn term 2 is:


 How do we know about the Great Fire of London?  


  Samuel Pepys was an important person in helping us learn about the Great fire of London which happened in 1666. 

  What can you tell about him from these pictures?    See if you can find out more about who he was. 

Click on a picture to find out more. 



 Click on the pictures below to play a game and watch a video to

find out more information about Samuel Pepys and The Great Fire of London. 




  Class 2's PE days are Wednesday and Friday.   



Children need to bring a PE kit to school so they can change into it in school on PE days. 

Our PE kits are kept in school. 

PE kit is a white t-shirt, black shorts and a pair of plimsolls.