Our School Day


                                      Morning                                             Afternoon
Nursery                8:45am - 11:45am                          12:30pm - 3:00/3:30pm
FS2                        8:50am - 11:40am                           12:30pm - 3:05pm
KS1                        8:50am - 12:00pm                           1:00pm - 3:05pm

The School day starts at 8:50am and the register is done at 9:00am. Parents are allowed into school with their child to help them put away their things and to do some reading or spellings. If you have a child that needs to be at school before 8:50am then get in touch with the office for information about our breakfast club. If your child is ever late please ensure you sign them in at the office.

We have 3 playtimes during the day, Moring, dinner and afternoon.  During the morning and afternoon playtimes the children are supervised by teachers and teaching assistants. At dinner the children are supervised by midday supervisors. During the morning play all the children are provided with free fruit as part of the government health initiative.

Sickness Absence
If your child is absent for any reason can you please contact the school office between 8:30am and 9:30am. If you do not inform us we will call you to find out why your child is absent, we do this as part of our statutory safeguarding duties. Also if you child has a medical appointment that can not be organised out of school please inform the office.